Make a resolution to eat healthily, choose British food and care for our planet

It's that time of year when resolutions are made. If you're planning to make some changes this new year why not give our suggestions a try? These four easy steps can make a positive difference to your health as part of a balanced diet, benefit our planet and of course, will help you to continue to back British farming.

  1. Eat with our seasons, and by choosing British fruit and veg your food will have travelled less to reach your plate 
  2. Enjoy British milk, cream, yoghurt and cheese for strong teeth and bones
  3. ​Choose British meat which is reared to world leading standards and is rich in vitamin B-12 and protein
  4. Make a meal out of leftovers - better for your pocket and the planet.

British farmers are proud to produce tasty, high quality, climate friendly food, while creating a farmed landscape for us all to enjoy.

If you're taking these 4 steps to kick off 2022, then why not share with your friends and family? Let's all Back British Farming this year.